About Lynn Henderson

Lynn Henderson was a long time member of the Socialist Workers Party and a long time member of its National Committee. He served for a time on the Militant staff. He was expelled along with National Committee member Nat Weinstein in 1983 after forming the Henderson-Weinstein minority tendency based on their two documents:  The Transitional Program and Method: the Road Forward and the Trade Union Minority Report.  The Henderson-Weinstein tendency was a direct challenge to the new Barnes/Waters political line.

Hendersonworked as a railroad brakeman/switchman for 25 years.  He was vice-president of United Transportation Union Local 1000, one of the largest UTU locals in the country.  He was editor of the Intercraft newspaper Straight Track.

Henderson is currently a contributor to Socialist Viewpoint magazine.

 His email address is lynncindy@comcast.net

Please email any comments or questions you may have to that address.

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